Friday, April 27, 2007

Big Mistake

Well, I made a big mistake today. I was shopping today for an event I'm working tomorrow and I bought a bunch of breakfast stuff, muffins etc. When I got home the chocolate covered donuts looked SOOOOOO yummy. I decided to dig in and have a few bites of one, I can eat sweets, so what is it going to hurt. OMG. I took about 3 bites and was fine, but about 30 minutes later gag. I am feeling so terrible it's not even funny. Talk about feeling sick sick sick! So much for chocolate! Anyways, lesson learned. I got on the scale today and I'm down to 212. That's 95lbs lost since surgery! Only 5lbs until I join the 100lb club! I'm hoping to pass that mark by my 5 month anniversary which is on the 12th of May. I was going to get back into the work out routine yesterday, but just wasn't feeling it. I know that's no excuse. Plus I'm working all day tomorrow and Sunday so I wouldn't have worked out those days, so I figured Monday is the magic day to get back on track! Plus I know that if I get working out that'll help me with those last 62lbs to get to my "happy goal" of 150. Saying that just sounds so crazy. I might actually get down to 150. If I do reach that goal that would put me at over 100% of my excess weight lost! Anyways, enough for today, note to self, no donuts ever! YUCK! Have a great weekend!


Susy said...

Off falls the weight. Nice job Amber. Sorry to hear you are feeling icky from the sweets. That's sucks. Keep up the good work. 100 pounds- cool! Have you had any hair loss from losing that fast? You look wonderful Amber!

Anonymous said...

HELLPPPPPPPPPPPP Amber read susy's story and now more confused then I was. Been kinda down all day and not sure why :( just feel blah and want to be sick for some reason. Have cut down on food (well thought I did til I looked at my food log lol) Been up on liquids been doing crystal light and green tea. Anyway read Susy's post bout RNY (think that is what it was) and MGB. What is the diffrences any links can help??? Anyway thank you for all your help. Also put your link on my blog ty for lettin me share your story with mine

wannabe_loser said...

Sorry you feel sick Amber...I hope it gets better real soon! And that's an amazing loss, 95lbs, that's my brother! Congrats!!!