Saturday, May 26, 2007


Let's see, where to start! First on the scale and I am no longer in the 200's! I'm sitting at funny is that! Thank goodness for that .1lb that took me below the 200 mark! Second big thing, I went shopping for pants because as I've said before, I literally own one pair, and I had to buy a size 16! Just jumped right over the 18! The only pair of pants I have are a 20 and were getting a little baggy, but when I tried an 18 on they fit good but were a tad bit big, so my sister suggested going smaller even if they are a little snug, so I did! And to my surprise, the 16's fit great! A little tight on the rear, but who cares! My butt looks great in those jeans! Anyways, just had to share my happy exciting news with everyone! Just hope I dont' sit at 199.9 now for 2 weeks, like I did when I hit the 100lb mark! Hope everyone has a nice long holiday weekend! :)

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Susy said...

YEAH AMBER!!! Congrats. That is a wonderful day and wonderful news. Enjoy your new jeans as well.