Wednesday, May 09, 2007


The scale won't move!!! It's driving me nuts! A whole week and not one pound lost!!! Not ONE!!! Anyways, just had to get that out! Walked over 2 miles yesterday, but didn't work out today. Really had no valid excuse, just didn't do it. Gotta get my butt in gear! Need some words of encouragement, so feel free to post! I just hate working out. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I hate it! I read blogs of people who want to become runners or hikers or whatnot and I wonder, why can't I feel that way. Why can't I want to run or exercise. What's wrong with me? Granted, I can work out for 20 minutes and not feel like I'm going to die, like I did 5 months ago, but why don't I look forward to exercising. I have things in place. Have the elliptical by the TV, so there's no "it's boring" excuse. Anyone else feel like me when it comes to exercising? Thinking about posting daily what I'm eating too. Maybe that is part of my problem. I know I don't do enough protein. Just not a meat eater, but the doctor said not to worry when I went in for my 3 month check-up.

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Dawn said...


As you get lighter, you'll get the urge to want to physically challenge your body. That's why so many people do 5Ks after losing alot of weight. Do I LOVE exercise? No. I *still* have to force myself to do it on most days...but I've always admired runners and desire to be like them someday! I have 2 people at work who run so they are helping to inspire me :)