Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Ran!!

Well, I ran today! First time in at least 10 years! It wasn't much, but I did it! I got on the treadmill and decided to run/walk for my mile. I walked 2 minutes and ran 1 minute. It was hard but it felt good. I walked at a 3mph pace and ran at a 3.9mph pace. I was sweating my buns off that's for sure! Went shopping and got a few more things today. How awesome to buy a 16! Anyways, nothing new to report, just had to share that I ran I ran!! :)


Dawn said...

Congratulations on a big step! Celebrate all those little successes girl :)

Susy said...

Celebrate those BIG things. Very cool Amber. My brother and sister in law say "they save money on food, but not clothes". LOL Good job on pushing yourself and running!

wannabe_loser said...

WTG! That's great! Running is the best, when I was at my 'healthiest' I ran every day and it was the most therapeudic thing ever. Definitely something to make a habit. Congrats on those 16's too :)