Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nothing New To Report

well, there's really nothing new to report, just thought I'd post a little something. The scale has not budged since my big day Wednesday! I'm sorta bummed, but I know hitting these slow points is normal! I just hope I can get below 200 by the end of the month. We're heading to Seattle for a visit with family and to get in some R & R! I bought a swim suit (size 16, whoo hoo). It's one of those tankinies (sp). The top is a racer back so it is so comfortable, I don't even need a bra under it (something new for a change). That was exciting! Anyways, I didn't do much of anything this weekend, actually just took it easy! That's it for today, hopefully I'll drop a few pounds and be able to post about it!


Susy said...

Seattle huh, where do you live Amber? Sounds close to me???? Keep up the good work!

wannabe_loser said...

Hey Amber, I hope that scale moves for you soon!
And sidenote, I love the Flinstones vitamins lol I have since I was a kid! The Centrum were really flaky and blurgh. I think they were sweeter than Flinstones too!