Sunday, July 29, 2007

Officially a 14

Well, I'm officially a size 14. I fit into a cute pair of pants I bought 2 months ago, and my size 16 old navy jeans are getting a little saggy. I got on the scale this morning, same as Wednesday, so that's good! Anyways, going to try and work out tomorrow. We were running errands all day today, then when we got home I started taking pictures down and patching holes up. Nobody came to the open house, but after talking to the realtor, he said his last 4 he did had nobody show up. Guess people just don't go to them like they use to. I have to stay positive. Something will happen soon. I just keep asking that everyone say a prayer for me. I'm not use to living paycheck to paycheck and with mortgage and rent that's what we're going to be doing! Anyways, might get dressed up and do a new picture tomorrow. We're going to my dad's to BBQ hamburgers (had patties in the freezer and obviously can't take them with to MO). Anyways, getting excited, and nervous, and dreading the whole move part of this. We have so much stuff, OMG, you don't realize it until you just stop and look around! Hope everyone had a great Saturday!

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Susy said...

Yeah... Yes, we need a new picutre. With moving you'll get to your goal even faster I bet Amber. New picture please. Give us all behind you something to look forward too! :)