Saturday, July 07, 2007

Well, just another Saturday. I did not get on the scale today, as I didn't want to see what it'd say. Next Saturday I will. I didn't exercise today, as really, I forgot. I got busy cleaning out cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. I have so much crap I don't use, I figured moving is a good reason to get down and dirty and get rid of stuff. My sister is coming over tomorrow to "go shopping" from my things I don't want. I was up and down and on the floor, but I must say, WOW, how easy is it to crawl around under cabinets and be on the floor when you're 120lbs lighter! I was amazed at the way I was all over and under!
Tomorrow I'm going to take it easy and get in at least a mile on the elliptical!
To answer your question, Susy, yes we're moving to either Missouri or Kansas (haven't found a house yet, so not sure what side we'll end up on). My husband was relocated back in February, so we've been apart for 5 months now. Hopefully our house will sell soon. The market is just terrible right now. I was reading about caffine and I didn't know we shouldn't have it. I drink iced tea every now and then. It goes right through me, I guess that's because of the caffine. I'll have to look for caffine free bags, I'm sure they must make them.
Only 2 hamburgers left in the fridge, I'm tempted to just toss them, as I don't think I'll ever want to eat another one after eating them for 7 days!!

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Susy said...

My Dr has told us that it's not the caffine to be worried about it's the acid's in the coffee/tea that is not good for your tummy. I'm trying to find some kind of caffine fix without coffee/tea. I am amazed I am living with out it these days. That was a great story about the kitchen and moving around. Felt great I bet! Have a good Sunday Amber.