Saturday, January 26, 2008

Size 6 Jeans

So, my size 8 CK jeans are a little saggy in the rear, so while at Sams today I checked out the selection to see what they had. I picked up a size 6 CK jeans. They're tight, but I can get them on. I figured after wearing them for a while they'll stretch out. I tried on the dress again and it's still tight, but it looks so good. I found some cute shoes to go with it. OK, QUESTION for all you fashion ladies......(I'm clueless). The dress is knee length and the shoes I bought are a strappy open toed shoe. Do I wear pantyhose with it? Do they even make any without the seam at the toe? I need help because I really have no idea! My dad is still here, he leaves Tuesday then maybe I can get back on schedule. My eating hasn't been too good and I haven't worked out other than belly dance on Thursday. Gotta get to 140 by the 25th of February for the dinner party we have to attend. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Susy said...

I don't know Amber. I don't wear dresses- YET anyways... :) Have a great week! Susy