Monday, January 07, 2008

The Little Black Dress

They say every woman should have a "little black dress". Well as much as I'd love to have one that was sleeveless or strapless, with my arms right now that just isn't an option. So, I opted for this one. Steven has some semi-formal event next month and I have nothing to wear, so I went shopping today and found this. What do you guys think? I figure with some little strappy shoes and my pearls and my hair done up it will look really nice. Do you think it's formal enough or should I keep shopping? Either way I'm keeping it for other wearings because it looks totally awesome, plus it's a size 6 SIX!!!! Ok, so I can't breath because it's really tight on the top, but I figure if I start up my jazzercise the way I'm planning and since I'm starting the belly dancing classes I should be able to drop about 5 pounds so I can be comfortable in it! They didn't have an 8 so I had to get the 6! Anways, post comments if you guys think it'll be ok for semi-formal wear! It's a size 6 OMG!!! Also, don't pay attention to how I look, had the hair tied back and little make-up!


Susy said...

oh Amber you look great! I think it is formal enough, and I love the print on the white trim of the dress! I love it, I think it will be perfect for your night out. Size 6, YAHOO Great feeling for you. LOVE IT AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL AMBER and looking great!

wannabe_loser said...

You are TINY woman! You look amazing!!!