Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taking A Break

Well, the last week has been totally crazy! My grandparents got here Tuesday night and moved into their new house yesterday. I've been running non-stop. It is a lot of work having 2 elderly people living with you but I am so happy we were able to have them here for a week before they got into their new home. I've been over there everyday unpacking boxes and getting things moved around. My dad gets here Saturday to help, so I'm not really putting furniture in "permanent" places, as he'll just come and move it! I went and got them groceries yesterday then went over today and unpacked 3 boxes and met with the sales person from the blind company to get that all ordered, then took my grandfather to the post office to get the mail box keys. I really had good intentions of starting jazzercise this week, but that's just not going to happen. I'm thinking maybe tomorrow I can go to a class, since I told my grandmother maybe tomorrow I'd take the day "off". Hopefully I can go, I'm so excited to go. I started my belly dancing class last Thursday (I almost forgot about it). I LOVE it! It was a lot of fun and the music was really good. My arms and stomach hurt so bad the next day. I wish it was more than once a week, but like I said if I start the jazzercise that'll be fun! Anyways, got on the scale this morning and I was sitting at 144.1, so that was good. Nothing else new to report that I can think of for now!

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wannabe_loser said...

Glad you enjoyed the belly dancing, that's something I'd love to get into! Have a great week and take it easy :)