Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just A Quick Nothing Post

Well, let's see, I'm being lazy this afternoon, watching Season 2 of Grey's. I really need to clean the living room but I'm just not in the cleaning mood, I'll do it tomorrow since everyone will be over Thursday for Thanksgiving. Athena and I did a lot of running this morning. We went to Khols, PetCo, Michaels, Post Office, Toys R Us, Walmart. I actually parked at PetCo and we walked to Michaels. It wasn't a super far walk, but far enough and the funny thing is I would have never done that 2 years ago! It's cold outside, but sunny, you'd think by the looks of it it's about 75 ouside, but it's not, it's 50 outside, which for me is cold. Heck 70 is cold for me these days. No more body fat to keep me toasty! I came across a Turkey Analogy on Kristy's blog. It said American's turkey's for Thanksgiving are an average of 22lbs, so when putting that on me, I've lost almost 8 turkeys. I really can't imagine lugging around 8 turkeys. Just picking up the one at the store is heavy. I really tortured my body, you just don't realized how much weight that actually is until you try and lift it. There is ABSOLUTELY NOOOOOOOO way I could carry around 170lbs on my back. I'd die, it would just never happen, so how in the world did I do that 2 years ago? Anyways, guess I'm going to work on my Christmas cards. I have about 60 I have to do, then I'm making individual cups of candy for all of Steven's staff (about 75) so I need to work on those too. They're taking way more time than I planned. Filling with candy then wrapping with that celephane and putting a ribbon. Lots to do! :)


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