Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Note To Self

OK, so I decided this morning to make my protein shake using strawberry jello mix. Yea, not such a good idea. I was like drinking liquid jello before it gels. GAG! Plus I don't know what Jello does, but I had 6 ounces of water and when I mixed it in it's like I ended up with 9 ounces! Crazy, anyways, when mixing protein shakes, stick to pudding mix! Nothing really new on this end. Been working out and working in the yard. Sunday we raked and picked up 15 yard bags of leaves, then today another 7. I still have 2 large piles, but ran out of bags. Going to get more tomorrow so I can pick them up at least. Then there is still the remainder of the front yard and side yard, then starting all over again with the back yard. It's like a never ending cycle. Rake, pick up, leaves fall, start again. It's suppose to rain Friday so I want to get the front finished. We have a tierd yard so the leaves pile up when the wind blows. Going to try and remember to post a new pic when I'm dressed Saturday. That's all the excitement here. I'm super sore from working out. I've been doing a mile and a half cardio then lifting weights.


Lisa said...

HI Amber,
I guess I will forego the liquid jello, doesn't sound too appetizing! HA!
I miss raking all those leaves now that I live in AZ. Where are you located? I miss the four seasons so much!

Susy said...

I check often to see if you have updated and I keep reading the story about the jello. Funny girl. Makes me laugh every time I come to you page, but it also makes me want to puke. :) Have you tried getting creative with different flavors of yogurts and blending it with juice or something? I just love my OJ/yogurt/orange whey protein blended drink.

But jello makes me laugh.

love ya!

Kristy said...

Hi!! I have never used jello for a protien shake...I had my wls in Jan 08. I've gotta a super protien shake recipe that tastes soo sinful it is hard to believe it is good for you- coffee mocha smoothier-yummo