Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quick Sunday Post

Just a quick little Sunday post. I'm heading to work at noon. It is cold and snowing here today. Not a whole lot on the ground b/c it was so wet yesterday it just melted, but overnight some of it stuck. We got all of the Christmas stuff put together, I didn't put some stuff out this year, not sure why, just didn't feel like trying to "figure out" where things should go. The kids each have a tree for their rooms, but neither of them have asked about putting them up, so not sure if that'll get done either. You'd think I'd be excited and wanting to decorate b/c my mom and brother will be here, but I'm just not in the decorating mood I guess. I crashed Friday night about 9:30. Jacob had a friend over so we decorated the tree then they played video games. Yesterday I worked all day, it was pretty busy so the day went by rather fast. I came home and b/c of the weather we didn't go visit my grandparents like we normally do on Saturday, so we just bummed around the house. Finished up with getting Christmas stuff out then I was in bed by 10:30, so needless to say I've gotten 2 good nights of sleep! Anyways, nothing new to post about really, going to boost up protein today with a protein powder in my water and maybe a protein bar later today.


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